Embracing Zero Trust with Remote Browser Isolation

Learn how to counter the 91% of cyberattacks starting from phishing and bypassing traditional defenses, with a modern approach. Discover the urgent shift towards Zero Trust Access in an era where enterprises use over 1,000 cloud apps and face rising insider threats.

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The Need for Zero Trust
and Remote Browser Isolation

60% of enterprises will replace legacy VPNs with advanced Zero Trust solutions.


Granular application access controls

Empower precise user permission settings, enhancing security by ensuring only necessary application access.


Device and user verification before granting access

Grant only after authenticating both the user's identity and the security status of their device, fortifying your network's defenses.


Isolation of risky activities like web browsing

Quarantine potential threats, safeguarding your network from malicious content and attacks.


Microsegmentation to limit lateral movement

Tightly controlling access points and paths to significantly enhance security against breaches.