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Zero Trust Access

Web Application and API Protection

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Safous offers advanced cybersecurity solutions for modern use cases and multiple industries.

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Partner with Safous to offer your clients the security they're looking for – and take hold of a piece of a growing market. 

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Provide your clients with the advanced cybersecurity they need.


Protect your clients from cyberattacks and unlock your growth.

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About Us

We’re focused on helping people access the corporate resources they need to get their jobs done safely, comfortably, and easily. That’s why our motto is Safe for You and Us.


Protect your clients with the most advanced zero trust technology. Become a Safous partner today.

Zero Trust Security for High-Risk Access

Safous ZTA for hybrid work provides secure access to network resources – whether your employees are in the office, at home, or anywhere else in the world.

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Reduce Breach Risk While Simplifying Access

Zero Trust Access (ZTA) is a cutting-edge security framework based on the principle of “never trust, always verify.” No user or device is trusted unless it’s authenticated and authorized – and no network resources are visible to a user until verified and granted access. 

Save on Cost
Audit Trails
Access Control

Identify, Protect, and Maintain

Insulate your business from vulnerabilities with a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity tools.


Assess Your Vulnerability

Quickly identify and address your security risks, eliminate weaknesses, and make your organization less vulnerable to attack with a security assessment.

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Automate Incident Response

Safous MDR automates security operations and provides monitoring around the clock – so you have peace of mind knowing your data is protected.

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Control and Visualize Critical Access

Get the features you need to control who can access which critical systems from where – all in a single, easy-to-use platform.

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All-In-One Solution for Any Use Case

Get protection across a range of critical areas, from remote access management to industrial security.


Remote Privileged Access Management (RPAM)

Gain the ability to authorize access, monitor activity, record sessions, and analyze usage – enabling granular management of remote access permissions for privileged accounts.

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Industrial Secure Remote Access (SRA)

Gain control, reliability, efficiency, and peace of mind when you securely connect to your infrastructure from anywhere, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

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No Vulnerability for API and IoT

Our authentication-based, zero-trust access approach with DDoS protection and WAF functionality frees developers from vulnerability risks and zero-day attacks.

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Securing Industry Leaders

We’ll help you gain visibility and control while eliminating threats and data breaches. 



Get the advanced security tools needed to minimize risks to production and the supply chain – while ensuring secure access to remote maintenance and suppliers.

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Keep sensitive patient information safe, get robust protection against attacks, and enable secure remote access – no internal IT team required.

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Subsidiary Companies

Gain full visibility and control over your network to eliminate supply chain risks and ensure subsidiary companies comply with security standards.

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Third-party vendor risks and access to critical systems are secured with role-based authorizations. Gain full visibility into the audit trail – conveniently located on your premises.

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Get the advanced cybersecurity solutions you need to keep your business safer than ever.

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