Keeping Your Network Safer than Ever

At Safous, we offer the most advanced ZTNA function where users connect easily and securely.


Mission & Vision

The organization’s purpose and very reason for being.

"Always provide the safest path to corporate business resources in all environment."

COVID-19 is causing a drastic change in work styles. While the need to work in a location-independent manner has increased worldwide, the number of security threats triggered by COVID-19 has also increased rapidly. In an environment where security cannot be guaranteed as much as we would like, how can we increase productivity through smooth and secure access to our internal information assets? We recognize that this major management issue will remain a persistent challenge as we seek to coexist with COVID-19.

As with our motto "Safe for You and Us" concept, Safous provides a safe path to the corporate network for all work styles. With the Internet as our core network, Safous aims to provide a means for people and goods to access the resources they need safely, securely, comfortably and easily from anywhere.

Core Values

The principles and practices that a business or organization thinks are important and which it tries to follow.

Think Your Access

The top priority in our service development is ensuring we provide our customers with a safe and comfortable network.


Trusted and Simple

Our goal is to provide a “safe and secure” and “simple” service, both of which are essential for corporate networks.


Beyond the Ordinary

We offer new services that go beyond the conventional legacy services and solve your issues.

Service Overview


Connect Securely

Safous allows pre-authorized users to securely connect to resources within your premise or in the cloud. You can control access granularly over "who" can access "which application" and "how ". This access goes through our POPs, and no one can access directly to your network, which will set you free from the risk of being attacked or spoofed. The PoPs are in eight regions (China, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Europe, USA, Canada, and South America), with more locations to follow.


Easy Set-Up

The onboarding process of Safous is smooth and straightforward. You can adapt to any cloud, network, application, and other environment and scale easily without complex configuration. No agent installation is required on the client side. All you have to do is set up App Gateway behind the firewall with a slight change in network configuration, and you can start your journey.



Safous provides MFA&SSO, and easy to add it to your existing applications. Providing application-based access and risk-based policy control. Support all types of IDP, including 3rd Party IDP with SAML/OpenID capabilities.

Why replace VPNs?

Scalability Barrier

Traditional VPNs designed for 100 users have totally different loads compared to VPNs designed for 1,000 users. Why? VPNs are CPU intensive due to heavy encryption processing, leading to high server loads and increased latency.

Vulnerability Barrier

VPN security is based on the castle-and-moat approach, meaning that anyone inside the perimeter can get access to the systems, assets, and crown jewels. While VPNs are more secure than the public networks, they are still vulnerable to cyber attackers.

Outdated Barrier

VPNs were invented decades ago, as a technological answer to very different issues. Today, businesses require an agile framework supporting intense cloud connections.

Our Management Team

News & Press Release

IIJ Started an Online Sales Channel for Safous

IIJ Started an Online Sales Channel for Safous

 Apr 28, 2022 3 min
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Live Webinar/Everything You Need to Know About ZTNA

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IIJ Launches New Managed ZTNA Secure Access Service; Safous

IIJ Launches New Managed ZTNA Secure Access Service; Safous

 Aug 25, 2021 1 min