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Protect Your Network From Threats on the Web

Web browsers are a major access point for cybersecurity threats and malware. Traditional security solutions don’t detect threats until after impact – or they block users completely from specific websites. Browser Isolation solves web security problems by operating on the zero-trust principle that no website content is safe.

What Is Browser Isolation?

Remote browser isolation tools help organizations tackle attacks directed at web browsers by isolating browsing activities and running all codes away from a user’s device. Unlike traditional web security, Browser Isolation doesn’t wait to differentiate between trusted and malicious websites. It loads and executes website codes in a contained environment, so that the user gains instant, safe access to a filtered version of a web page.

Why Browser Isolation?

Built-in data loss prevention capabilities. Browser Isolation protects corporate data and allows administrators to control the flow of information to and from the web.
Protection from malicious ads and emails. Browser Isolation blocks harmful sources and segments sensitive files from the browser.
Sources and segments sensitive files from the browser. Safeguard against unsecured devices. Browser Isolation keeps corporate networks secure – even when users access from unsecured browsers or devices.

How Companies Like Yours
Are Using Remote Browser Isolation


An enterprise with a globally-dispersed team shielded its employees and network from phishing attacks with Browser Isolation.


A multi-location health system leveraged Broswer Isolation to ensure HIPAA compliance and prevent cyber attacks from connected devices.

The Safous Platform

With your employees working from anywhere on their personal devices, you need a cybersecurity solution that prevents all unauthorized access and ensures your sensitive data is protected from breach. The Safous platform integrates today’s most advanced cybersecurity solutions – including remote browser isolation. Implement granular zero trust access and rest easy knowing your assets and network are protected with Safous.


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Blog: Introducing Browser Isolation: The Newest Tool in the Safous Arsenal

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Blog: Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) for Enhanced Cybersecurity

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