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Safous offers advanced cybersecurity solutions for modern use cases and multiple industries.

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Partner with Safous to offer your clients the security they're looking for – and take hold of a piece of a growing market. 

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We’re focused on helping people access the corporate resources they need to get their jobs done safely, comfortably, and easily. That’s why our motto is Safe for You and Us.


Protect your clients with the most advanced zero trust technology. Become a Safous partner today.

Security Assessment

Quickly identify and address your security risks, eliminate weaknesses, and make your organization less vulnerable to attack with Safous.

Why You Need a Security Assessment

Over 65,000 network vulnerabilities were discovered in 2022, up 21% from 2021. Many businesses are unaware their cybersecurity solutions need updating – leaving the door open to attacks. That’s where a security assessment comes in.


Quick Report

In just minutes, get a score-rated report breaking down the security level of each attack surface on a domain-by-domain basis. Your first report is free.


Detailed Report + Consulting

With this more detailed version of the quick report, you’ll also gain access to consulting from the Safous SEC team.


Solution Consultation

Get a predefined automatic response when an issue is discovered in an attack surface assessment, plus recommendations for necessary services such as ZTA or MDR for protection and response against revealed risks.

Why Safous?

Conducting regular security assessments will help eliminate security weaknesses. Safous provides a continuous and comprehensive security assessment that covers the customer environment – and the attack surface.


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Blog: Introducing Browser Isolation: The Newest Tool in the Safous Arsenal

Blog: Introducing Browser Isolation: The Newest Tool in the Safous Arsenal

 Sep 26, 2022 2 min read
Blog: Benefits of Remote Browser Isolation
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Blog: Benefits of Remote Browser Isolation

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Blog: Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) for Enhanced Cybersecurity
Securely connect your remote workforce to the web with Safous Browser Isolation.

Blog: Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) for Enhanced Cybersecurity

 Aug 26, 2022 3 min read