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Safous offers advanced cybersecurity solutions for modern use cases and multiple industries.

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About Us

We’re focused on helping people access the corporate resources they need to get their jobs done safely, comfortably, and easily. That’s why our motto is Safe for You and Us.


Protect your clients with the most advanced zero trust technology. Become a Safous partner today.

Safeguard Your Digital Assets With a Complete Security Platform

Protect your network from cybersecurity threats and provide secure, easy access to your employees with our zero trust security platform.


Why Safous ZTA?

Modern workforces become greater when protected by the Safous ZTA platform compared to legacy security solutions like VPN. Here’s how:



VPNs rely on heavy encryption processing, stunting scalability due to high server loads and increased latency. Our zero trust security platform scales seamlessly to protect your entire workforce – without compromising on performance – with advanced features like zero trust network access (ZTNA) and remote browser isolation (RBI).



VPN security is based on the castle-and-moat approach – meaning anyone who breaches the network perimeter can access your systems, assets, and crown jewels. Our zero trust security platform is built on the concept of “never trust, always verify,” eliminating implicit trust and preventing unauthorized access.



VPNs were invented decades ago to answer very different technology issues than businesses face today. Our zero trust security platform provides a more flexible, agile framework that safeguards your ever-expanding network edge as remote work and cloud adoption increase.

Enjoy All-In-One Cybersecurity With Safous’ Zero Trust Access Platform?

We built the Safous ZTA platform to help organizations like yours deliver secure, seamless access to corporate resources within a user-friendly system. Take a look at how easy network security can be:


Complete Control

Control who can access which applications or resources and how they should be authorized. Unauthorized users aren’t permitted to access your network directly, which protects your data and applications from attack.

  • Block all incoming traffic
  • Minimize the network attack surface

Easy Implementation

Step 1

Install the App Gateway

The App Gateway serves as your all-inclusive control hub, managing necessary functions such as user authentication, application access, auditing, and more.

Step 2

Configure Your Policies

Define who can access your applications and which authentication methods should be used within the Safous portal site – no software required.

  • Browser-based
  • Agentless
  • Easy to deploy and scale

High-Level Authentication

Users undergo rigorous authentication with features such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), application-based access, and risk-based policy control.

  • MFA and SSO features
  • Flexible policy settings
  • Records each session

Privacy and Compliance

The Safous platform does not store your data in the cloud. Instead, all data is stored locally, enabling you to comply with privacy laws and regulations.

24/7 Monitoring

We monitor the App Gateway around the clock to ensure your network is always secure. Check our convenient portal site for operation status at any time.


Keep Your Network Safer Than Ever With Safous