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The term “zero trust” may be viewed as the latest tech buzzword, but there are several compelling reasons why an increasing number of organizations are readily adopting this framework. While the concept of zero trust security has existed for over a decade, it didn’t start gaining traction until pandemic-driven changes launched the world into the “new normal” of hybrid and remote workforces. 

With 76% of businesses currently in the process of implementing a zero trust architecture,1 it’s clear that this security model is here to stay. Here are four reasons why zero trust has risen in popularity, and why it will continue to rise:

1. Zero Trust Combats Sophisticated Cyber Attacks

Hackers have begun using machine learning, AI, and other technologies to launch increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. As 93% of corporate networks are already susceptible to a significant data breach,2 stricter security measures are needed to defend against these evolving threats.

A zero trust security model revolves around a single principle: never trust, always verify. Zero trust enforces network access by evaluating requests based on identity attributes, including user, location, device, and requested data, and frees only the resources that should be accessible for that request. In the event credentials are compromised, this segmentation mitigates damage by blocking access to the network as a whole.

2. Zero Trust Strengthens Remote Work Security

As hybrid and remote work environments rise in popularity, so do cybersecurity risks. The use of unsecured home and public WiFi networks, in addition to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, exposes your company network to dozens, if not hundreds, of unsecured endpoints that traditional cybersecurity solutions can’t protect.

Zero trust prevents all network traffic requests until users are verified by identity attributes, eliminating the need for traditional endpoint protection. And because this security model is applied network-wide, your business benefits from a consistent level of protection, no matter where or which devices your employees access the network from.

3. Zero Trust Safeguards Cloud Applications

Cloud computing has allowed organizations to do more than ever before but provides little visibility or control over the security of the third-party cloud applications your operations rely on. Zero trust technologies categorize cloud-based assets so that your IT teams can align security and access policies across the entire network, regardless of where your cloud applications are stored.

Zero trust network access (ZTNA) helps businesses strengthen their zero trust security model by controlling remote access to mission-critical applications regardless of where the user or the application are located. Download our ebook to learn more about ZTNA and how it can secure your network.

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Protect Your Network With Safous ZTNA

At Safous, we believe in the power of zero trust. That’s why we’re helping businesses like yours provide secure, easy access to company assets with our advanced ZTNA solution. Safous ZTNA is easy to set up, provides a high level of authentication and control, and allows your users to safely connect to work resources from anywhere.

Ready to get started with zero trust? Request a free demo today to see how Safous ZTNA can secure your network and strengthen your zero trust security posture.


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