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Zero Trust Access

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Safous offers advanced cybersecurity solutions for modern use cases and multiple industries.

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Partner with Safous to offer your clients the security they're looking for – and take hold of a piece of a growing market. 

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Provide your clients with the advanced cybersecurity they need.


Protect your clients from cyberattacks and unlock your growth.

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About Us

We’re focused on helping people access the corporate resources they need to get their jobs done safely, comfortably, and easily. That’s why our motto is Safe for You and Us.


Protect your clients with the most advanced zero trust technology. Become a Safous partner today.

Managed Service Providers Protect Your Clients With Zero Trust Access (ZTA)

Be resilient with Safous' expertise and proven security solutions tailored specifically for Managed Service Providers.

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Unlock Growth & Protect Your Clients

Prevent cyberattacks that can disable multiple client networks at once with Safous Zero Trust Access (ZTA).

Minimize the Attack Surface

Save on costly data breaches without compromising sensitive data.

Reduce Data Breach Damage

ZTA solutions grant least privilege access, limiting data and credential exposure to unauthorized users.

Centralize Security Management

ZTA empowers IT admins to dictate security and remote access rules across the entire organization from a centralized command center.

Secure Hybrid Workforces

ZTA goes beyond traditional network perimeters to protect the entire workforce, no matter their location.

The Future of Cybersecurity:

How MSPs Can Stay Ahead With Zero Trust

Download our ebook for actionable advice on how MSPs can provide adaptive security for your clients’ hybrid workforces and cloud-centric environments.


Why MSPs Choose Safous for Zero Trust Access

As trusted partners, MSPs need to embrace more advanced solutions tailored for modern work environments to keep client networks, data, and systems secure. That’s where Safous ZTA comes in.

  • Verification controls and least privilege access principles limit exposure from compromised credentials or endpoints.
  • Cloud compatibility and a seamless user experience help you strengthen security without compromising productivity.
  • Create new revenue growth opportunities by transitioning clients to advanced zero trust-enabled security platforms.

Are Your Customers Ready to Talk About Cybersecurity Risk?

As a trusted managed service provider, it’s up to you to help your clients understand whether or not they are prepared for a cyberattack and how they can increase their cyber resiliency. The Security Risk Assessment can guide your conversation.

Download Our Security Assessment Workbook


Looking to grow your business with zero trust access solutions?
Here’s what other MSPs have to say about partnering with Safous.


We’ve been searching for easy-to-use user access products. With Safous ZTA and WAAP, we’ve seen traction, energy, and success with our customers that we haven’t with other vendors.

-Lyn Goh
Sales Manager, Datum Technology


Safous’ collaborative and partnership-based approach, proactive engagement, and commitment to continuous product improvement makes them our go-to zero trust access partner.

-Nicholas Yong
VP, Transformists Network


Safous takes an innovative approach to delivering zero trust access solutions. They promptly respond with intelligent solutions tailored to our customers  requests, enabling us to drive business growth effectively.

-Nuzran Firmansyah Bouti