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For managed service providers (MSPs), safeguarding client networks and data is a crucial responsibility. With 37% of businesses experiencing a data breach resulting from poorly managed privileged identities in 2023,1 it's clear that MSPs must implement advanced solutions to help customers secure their critical business systems.

The rise in remote and hybrid work and the use of third-party vendors and contractors have further complicated privileged access management. Remote models have increased by 44% since 2018,2 and 63% of organizations say they’ve suffered a data breach due to remote work.3 It is essential to enable secure access for privileged users, including admins with elevated access permissions as well as any third parties connecting remotely to your business’s sensitive data and critical systems. 

Luckily, remote privileged access management (RPAM) has emerged as a solution for MSPs to protect, control, and monitor remote access to privileged accounts. Gartner underscores the importance of RPAM in its recent report on the risks of poorly managed privileged access

In this blog, we'll explore the importance of RPAM and how it can help strengthen cybersecurity for MSPs and your clients.


What Is RPAM?

Remote privileged access management (RPAM) gives MSPs more control over privileged accounts, such as administrators, service accounts, and root users. RPAM should not be seen as simply another version of PAM – it is a much broader concept that encompasses the nuances of providing, managing, and controlling access for privileged remote users. RPAM provides tools to authorize access, monitor activity, record sessions, and analyze usage, enabling granular management of remote access permissions for these accounts. When deployed correctly, RPAM improves visibility and security for remote privileged access. 

How Does RPAM Strengthen Cybersecurity?

RPAM simplifies the process of managing and securing remote admin-level access across infrastructure. Key RPAM security capabilities include:

Comprehensive Access Control

RPAM solutions offer granular control over who can access critical systems and when. By enforcing the principle of least privilege, MSPs can limit access to only the necessary resources, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Multi-Factor Authentication 

RPAM solutions often include multi-factor authentication (MFA), which bolsters security by requiring multiple forms of verification before granting access. This significantly enhances the security of privileged accounts, even in remote scenarios.

Session Recording and Audit Trails

RPAM tools provide the capability to record and audit all remote sessions, allowing MSPs to track and review privileged users' actions to not only strengthen security but also aid in compliance efforts.

Real-time Monitoring and Alerts

RPAM solutions generate alerts and notifications to enable immediate response to potential security threats. With RPAM, MSPs can monitor privileged access in real time, preventing unauthorized activities before they can cause damage to the network. 


5 Benefits of RPAM for MSPs

RPAM offers MSPs many benefits beyond enhanced security, such as:

  1. Streamlined Operations - By centralizing privileged remote access management, RPAM simplifies administrative tasks and reduces the complexity of managing privileged accounts across various systems.
  2. Reduced Risk - Implementing RPAM reduces the risk of security breaches and data leaks related to remote access, protecting your clients' information and your reputation as an MSP.
  3. Compliance Assistance - RPAM solutions often have features that support compliance with industry regulations and standards, making audit processes smoother and more efficient.
  4. Customer Confidence - When clients know their privileged accounts and remote access are being closely monitored and managed with RPAM, they feel more secure entrusting their critical systems to you as their MSP.
  5. Competitive Differentiation - Expertise with advanced security tools like RPAM demonstrates to prospective customers your commitment to staying on the cutting edge of cybersecurity technologies. 

Secure Access to Your Clients’ Critical Systems With Safous

RPAM is a gateway to better security, efficiency, and peace of mind for remote work, which is why adopting a robust privileged access management solution should be a top priority for MSPs and your customers.

Safous Zero Trust Access (ZTA) helps MSPs strengthen their zero-trust security posture and improve privileged access management practices by providing the tools needed to control who can access which critical systems from where. Our user-friendly platform integrates privileged access management with MFA, single sign-on, and other security features, providing the comprehensive protection MSPs need for securing client systems, improving operational efficiency, and building trust. 

To learn more about how Safous Zero Trust Access can help safeguard your critical systems – and those of your clients – and minimize privileged access risks, book a demo today.



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