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Safeguarding your business against cyberattacks has never been more critical. There were 14 million phishing attempts last year,1 and nearly 2,000 ransomware attacks occurred in the first half of 2023 alone.2 To protect against these increasing threats, organizations need comprehensive cybersecurity measures.

One powerful solution is deploying zero trust access (ZTA) and web application and API protection (WAAP) tools. Though each technology has distinct capabilities, they integrate seamlessly to provide end-to-end safeguards. In this blog, we’ll explore how these solutions work together to keep your network safe from today’s evolving threats.

Understanding Zero Trust Access (ZTA)

Zero Trust Access (ZTA) is a security framework that assumes all users and devices are unsafe until proven otherwise. It follows the principle of “never trust, always verify” and relies on strict identity and access controls to grant the minimum access required.

With remote work and cloud adoption on the rise, the traditional network perimeter is no longer sufficient to protect against cyber threats. ZTA is designed to secure access in today's perimeter-less environments by ensuring no user or device is inherently trusted, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and insider threats. 

Understanding Web Application & API Protection (WAAP)

Web Application & API Protection (WAAP) solutions focus on safeguarding web applications and APIs, which serve as front doors into critical business systems and data. Public-facing web apps and APIs are common targets for exploits such as SQL injection or unauthorized access. In fact, the majority (92%) of businesses experienced an API-related cybersecurity incident in 2022.3 

WAAP is crucial for identifying and mitigating these threats. This technology uses advanced protections like next-gen web application firewalls (WAFs), API security, malicious bot protections, and more to actively monitor traffic and block attacks targeting these digital assets.

How Do ZTA and WAAP Work Together?

When used together, ZTA and WAAP provide businesses with holistic, layered security. Here’s how:

Identity Verification and Access Control

ZTA focuses on verifying identities before granting access to network resources. This complements WAAP by ensuring that only authorized users or devices can interact with

your web apps and APIs, reducing the overall attack surface of your network.



Protecting Web Applications and APIs

While ZTA controls the users and devices that have access to your network, WAAP specializes in safeguarding your web applications and APIs by identifying and mitigating API-specific vulnerabilities and threats.

Comprehensive Security

The synergy of ZTA and WAAP provides a multi-layered approach to security. ZTA controls access, while WAAP fortifies the web apps and APIs themselves. This dual protection ensures businesses get a resilient cyber defense that evolves with new attack methods and digital workflows.

What Are the Benefits of Adopting Both ZTA and WAAP?

Implementing ZTA and WAAP solutions into your cybersecurity strategy offers several advantages, including:

Breach Prevention

The combination of ZTA and WAAP security measures reduces the network attack surface and the risk of breaches, protecting your data and safeguarding your customers’ sensitive information.


The global average cost of a data breach in 2023 was $4.45 million,4 but data breaches cost businesses more than just money – they can result in wasted productivity, reputational damage, loss of customer trust, and more. Adopting ZTA and WAAP solutions is a cost-effective alternative to dealing with the aftermath of a breach.

Regulatory Compliance

Many industries have stringent regulatory requirements, but meeting these standards often involves using multiple, disjointed security tools. Integrating ZTA and WAAP can help you meet compliance standards, avoiding potential legal and financial penalties.

Protect Your Enterprise Data With Safous ZTA and WAAP

As cyber threats grow, ZTA and WAAP solutions offer indispensable protection for your business. ZTA offers identity-centric access control, while WAAP locks down apps and APIs. Together, they eliminate gaps for attackers to exploit, reducing the risk of costly breaches and ensuring a robust defense against cyberattacks.

At Safous, we offer industry-leading ZTA and WAAP solutions to help keep your business network safer than ever. Ready to take the next step in protecting your business? Request a demo today to see our all-in-one security platform in action.



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