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TOKYO-August 25, 2021-Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, TSE1:3774) is happy to announce the release of Safous, its managed Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) (*1) service. IIJ will start offering Safous through the IIJ Group's subsidiaries in China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam as of today.

"We have developed Safous to enable remote users and IoT devices to access various business resources inside the corporate network in a safe, secure, and easy manner," says Miki Tanaka, Global Service Director of IIJ. Safous, a remote access service based on zero-trust technology (*2), has been developed as an integrated security service by sequentially adding web access security functions (SWG: Secure Web Gateway) and functions to visualize cloud usage (CASB: Cloud Access Security Broker). IIJ is planning to expand the service area to Europe and the United States by 2022.

Safous allows pre-authorized users and/or IoT devices to securely connect to internal information resources such as business applications within the customer's premise or in the cloud, under strong authentication, via an access point (PoP: Point of Presence) set up by IIJ. This configuration eliminates the need to allow external access to the corporate network and reduces the risk of attacks on the corporate network. The PoP can be used in eight regions (China, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Europe, USA, Canada, and South America), with more locations to follow.

  • (*1)ZTNA: Zero Trust Network Access is an integral part of Zero Trust, and a next-generation service solution that enables remote users to seamlessly and securely connect to corporate resources. Instead of only verifying at the perimeter, ZTNA directs communication to applications and servers through a trusted PoP which will verify and authenticate each session.
  • (*2)Zero Trust: New IT security philosophy based on "Never Trust Always Verify." Distinct from the conventional practice of securing the perimeter by creating a secure corporate network.

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