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We’re happy to announce that we’ve added Browser Isolation to our Safous service! This new function is our advanced remote browser isolation (RBI) tool, based on our proprietary virtual browser that eliminates browser-based threats and provides safer access to employees accessing corporate networks remotely. Read on to learn more about Browser Isolation and how it can protect your business.

What Does Browser Isolation Do?

In a nutshell, Browser Isolation shields the devices your employees use to remotely access corporate applications and third-party software as a service (SaaS) from browser-based threats. It does this by providing a virtual browser that allows users to access the tools they need for work securely – so even if their devices are vulnerable to attack or already exposed to malware, your company’s network stays safe.

Browser Isolation also prevents users from downloading and executing any potentially harmful files, such as malware found in phishing emails, to eliminate the threat of intrusion through the internet. Learn more about protecting your business from cybersecurity threats like phishing attacks when you check out our newsletter. Haven't signed up yet? Join now using the subscribe form on the right ->

Who Needs Browser Isolation?

More companies are relying on SaaS applications as the demand for remote and hybrid work environments rises. But while these cloud-based services offer many benefits, they’re also prime targets for cyber criminals. 

Many businesses have suffered data breaches after their corporate networks became infected with malware or ransomware through a remote environment. This often happens because employees’ personal devices lack secure browsers and network connections, so the corporate network is exposed to browser-based threats whenever an employee accesses it remotely.

If your company has adopted hybrid or remote work models, Browser Isolation can help you protect your network – and keep your critical data and applications safe – by eliminating browser-based threats. Not sure if your business needs Browser Isolation? Book a free demo today to see it in action.

How Can You Get Started With Browser Isolation?

Browser Isolation is included as part of our new Advanced plan. Starting at only $13.99/month, the Advanced Plan includes everything that our Standard and Standard Plus plans offer, including:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • External account linkage
  • Agentless support
  • Agent and global PoP support 
  • Flexible policy settings
  • Activity and audit logging
  • Session recording
  • Supervisor

– plus our new, advanced Browser Isolation function. Learn more about the features included in each plan by visiting our Safous pricing page.

Safeguard Your Network With Browser Isolation From Safous

Safe browser access is essential for the success of every modern business, but it’s become more difficult to obtain with the increase in hybrid and remote work popularity. As cybersecurity attacks and data breaches targeting remote environments rise, companies need to take every precaution to prevent cyber criminals from accessing sensitive data and bringing operations to a standstill.

We built the Safous platform to help businesses like yours provide safe access to corporate network resources – no matter where your employees are located. Read our ebook to learn everything you need to know about browser isolation technology, from benefits to use cases and more, so you can start building a safer browsing experience for your employees. Schedule a free demo today if you’re ready to discover how our cybersecurity solutions can help you secure your network.

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