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In today’s world, data moves at an untraceable speed across numerous devices, servers, applications, and websites. Unfortunately, the advancements in our data transmission and computing capabilities have also proved advantageous for cyber criminals. Considering the increased sophistication of modern threats, any enterprise with an online presence can no longer rely on conventional security approaches to protect its resources.

This is where concepts like the zero trust security model and browser isolation come into the picture. Browser isolation is an essential part of the zero trust model. These technologies essentially reduce an organization’s attack surface while facilitating secure and uninterrupted access to data for applications, users, and devices. Unfortunately, while web browsers are indispensable to organizational activities, they are also a major access point for web-borne malware, ransomware, and other forms of attacks. Remote browser isolation (RBI) is a robust security measure that protects users from threats originating from infected website code.

Read on to learn more about remote browser isolation, how it secures web browsing activities, and what makes it an essential part of a zero trust network access (ZTNA) solution. 

What is RBI?

Similar to the way firewalls and network access protect the internal systems, RBI helps organizations tackle attacks directed at the browser. Web isolation technology does not wait to differentiate between trusted and malicious websites. Instead, it isolates all the browsing activities and runs all codes away from a user’s device. After loading and executing website codes in a contained environment, a filtered version of the web page instantly gets transmitted to the user for safe access. 

Here are some key features of remote browser isolation:

  • Blocking malicious content without blocking the entire website
  • Keeping out zero-day exploits
  • Scanning downloads and filtering threats
  • Protection from threat-borne links and phishing emails
  • Running unsafe scripts in a remote virtual environment
  • Filtering out harmful advertisements 

There are many additional benefits that RBI technology brings to your cybersecurity framework. You can learn more about RBI and its benefits in our latest ebook, “Remote Browser Isolation: Everything You Need to Know.”

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How RBI Complements Zero Trust

CISOs are employing RBI – ideally as part of a ZTNA solution – to keep their security tech stacks up to par. Zero trust secures access at both data and application levels by eliminating implicit trust, while RBI applies similar principles to the act of web browsing. 

Together, these technologies equip organizations with the right tools to tackle cybersecurity threats and provide seamless access to enterprise resources. 

RBI Completes Your Zero Trust Model

Although you may have secured all internal networks, the web will still remain the most vulnerable attack surface for cyber criminals to exploit. With the zero trust approach, you can secure every single part of the network considering all the endpoints. RBI supports this strategy to “never trust, always verify” by viewing the web content as compromised and making it go through all the security checks before serving the user. With browser isolation and zero trust security on your side, you can significantly reduce the attack surface while surfing the web and prevent the threat actors from compromising your enterprise systems and applications. 

Safous offers the most rigorous ZTNA feature for the all-around protection of your business applications, devices, data, and services. Safous' ZTNA addresses every aspect of your enterprise IT systems, including next-gen browser security with our RBI component. 

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