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Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ, TSE Prime: 3774), one of Japan’s leading internet access and network solutions providers, announced today the launch of its new application programming interface (API) security service, Safous WAAP, to its zero-trust security service suite, Safous.

Safous WAAP is the world's first API protection designed to eliminate vulnerabilities using zero-trust access technology. Its initial release will focus on securing API connections from mobile apps, and IIJ’s ultimate goal for the service is to eliminate API endpoint vulnerabilities with complete protection against zero-day attacks that are inevitable with existing WAAPs.

“We’re thrilled to announce our first-of-its-kind security service, Safous WAAP,” said Miki Tanaka, Global Service Director. “The reliance on APIs for collaboration between workplace applications and devices has led to an uptick in API-based attacks targeting businesses every year, which causes damages such as data leakage and unauthorized application access. Safous WAAP combines our expertise in developing DDoS protection and WAF services with zero-trust access technology to protect customers' APIs in a way never seen before.”

APIs that substantially contribute to businesses’ digital transformation are exposed to malicious parties, resulting in a 400% increase in attacks targeting APIs over the past six months.* Many businesses have had to slow the rollout of new applications due to API security concerns, highlighting the need for developers to implement more robust application access controls and risk mitigation measures.

Safous WAAP hides API endpoints from the public internet using an authentication-based, zero-trust access approach with DDoS protection and WAF functionality, freeing developers from vulnerability risks and zero-day attacks for less than half the price of a full WAAP from other companies.

IIJ plans to extend use cases to general-purpose API and IoT applications by providing a wide variety of SDKs and will also add general web application protection for complete WAAP coverage.



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